Why DoorChucky™?                 
PREVENT home invasion - an unauthorized and forceful entry into a dwelling.
DoorChucky™ is Protection.
It's as easy as that.


Made in the U.S.A.


 DoorChucky™ IS protection - Just watch our video!

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  Lock bumping, lock picking, or kick-ins won’t compromise your front door security. Even if your keys are stolen, DoorChucky™ will still keep you safe at home, allowing you to SLEEP EASY AT NIGHT.

DoorChucky™ is simple to install
and operate. Unlike a double lock or a deadbolt lock, DoorChucky™ is a do-it-yourself home security door lock.

You or your local handyman can install it.

DoorChucky™ simple & easy to use.

It is designed to allow young children to put it in place and remove in a matter of seconds. This allows for quick and easy protection and quick and easy exit.

Holding DoorChucky™ and lifting will remove it from the protection position and clear of your doorway (approximately 2 seconds). Reversing this simple step will place DoorChucky™ back in the protection position.

                Easy to use home security system.

It’s as Easy as that…

Double door entry protection.Security lock for double doors. No other lock can match!

Provides the ultimate element of security for Home double door entryways, that no other lock can match. Each door is protected by its own DoorChucky™, making them independently secure.


DoorChucky™ suits your home.

                                    Wireless home security system disappears when not in use.

When not in use, DoorChucky™ Disappears, leaving just two discreet, dime sized caps on the floor. Unlike other locks, DoorChucky™ can easily go with you when you move to your new home or apartment.                                


DoorChucky™ is affordable.

Unlike expensive alarm systems or video surveillance, there’s no monthly subscription. One payment of $89.99 can secure your home and keep your family safe. 

It's a peephole too!
            Peephole - allows people inside the security of seeing outside without opening the door.
DoorChucky™ is also a secure peephole. Conventional peepholes do not allow for complete viewing. Intruders can easily hide out of the viewable area, leaving you vulnerable to opening your door to danger.

Simply take out the 1st pin and rotate your DoorChucky™.


DoorChucky™ and your alarm.

Alarm systems are good and deserve to be installed but their protection ends at the siren. DoorChucky™ allows the alarm to sound while keeping the intruders out. This happens when the intruder strikes the door and breaks the dead bolt causing the door to flex, which sets off your alarm. With DoorChucky™ in place the door is kept secure stopping the intruders from entering your home.

Alarm Sounds – Door Secure – Family Safe

If you’re looking to strengthen your home security or maximize your front door lock, DoorChucky™ is simply the best door lock out there to keep your family safe.

member, all intruders will be STOPPED!

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