The DoorChucky™... 
Burglaries - Make your home safe and secure.
Protect your loved ones with this amazing security product!

a dependable, strong, easy to use door lock invention

Wireless home security system   Reliable security.

Made in the U.S.A.



DoorChucky™ is a dependable, strong, easy to use door lock invention.

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• DoorChucky™ withstands sledgehammer force
 up to 2000 LBS of sheer strength. So forget
 your door EVER being kicked in!

•  Lost or stolen keys? NO PROBLEM! With 
   DoorChucky™ they STILL cannot get in!
•  Provides the ultimate element of security
    for  that no other
    lock can match. Each door is protected by its
    own DoorChucky™, making them
    independently secure.

•  DoorChucky™ disappears when not in use.

•  DoorChucky™ is reliable - no parts or
    mechanisms to malfunction or break.

  Made of sturdy hardwood construction and extra-
    hardened steel pins, DoorChucky™ is virtually

•  DoorChucky™ is an UNPICKABLE lock!

•  High-quality materials ensure that DoorChucky™
    will last a lifetime.

Don't let home invasion happen to you!
Sleep easy...with DoorChucky™.