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  "I bought this DoorChucky to replace a similar doorstopper.  The one I had worked nicely when in place, but it was hard to slide it into and out of the track.  And, it was made of metal.  The DoorChucky is a nice looking wood that goes with my livingroom better, and it just drops into place.  I LOVE it!  Thanks so much!"  -  Nancy M - Melville NY

"Got one of these for myself, and my mom.  So easy to install, no damage to floors or rugs! My mom is elderly and can use this without any trouble at all.  Excellent product!  I am recommending it to all of my friends!  Thanks so much DoorChucky!"  -  Mary M.  Huntington, NY

"I got this DoorChucky as a gift from my sister when I first moved away.  My husband was working nights and she wanted us to have this.  She has one and insisted I have one too!  I have been using it and not only does it look nice in my doorway, it makes me feel safer.  My teenagers like it because they can turn it sideways to accept letters and packages from the mailman without having to open the door!  Thank you to my sister - and thank YOU DoorChucky for this terrific invention!"  - Lori H. Honesdale PA

Thanks for the Nice Door Chucky. We really like the nice decorative design.  We used our door stain on it to have it match perfectly.  We are very happy and feel much more secure!  It was a great alternative to a metal security door and MUCH CHEAPER!” 

“I loved how easy DoorChucky was to install and now when I’m home alone I finally feel safe. “Laura B. Patchogue NY     

“I bought a DoorChucky for my daughter when she moved to Chicago. I was worried about her safety living in an apartment in the city alone. I installed it in minutes and immediately felt relieved from my anxieties.” 
David F. Sheridan Illinois

“There were some break-in’s in my building. I searched for an easy, inexpensive way I could better protect myself. I’m so happy with the DoorChucky – the quality is outstanding and I feel much safer now when I’m at home. “Jack P. Atlanta GA.